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"We were amazed to learn that iPatientCare provides high quality of revenue cycle management services along with the best technology solution. With as hard as iPatientCare has worked to be on the cutting edge of technology, we are confident that we made the right choice for the long-term benefit."
Timothy S. Wakefield, DC | Chiropractic Health Services, Wisconsin
"iPatientCare Embraced It’s Biannual Meeting iHEAR to Celebrate its Half Yearly Achievements and Plan for the Rest of 2016"
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"iPatientCare has actually changed the way I practice. It has made my life a lot easier. Clinical Summary is the page that has all of the patient’s diagnosis, past medical history; it has a feature to carry forward from the past notes. Everything we want handy is available on the left panel. I don’t have to go to multiple screens or anything else, I like it because it has more of a dashboard view..."
Jim Wigginton | CFNP, Corinth Family Medical Center, PC
"We have always been leading all quality reporting initiatives from CMS and other payers for many years. Participating in PQRS quality program has been one of our chosen endeavors, and iPatientCare makes it extremely easy and achievable through its intuitive EHR, MU/PQRS Dashboard, and also the CMS Qualified PQRS Registry."
Gobind Garg | MD, Gobind Garg PLLC.
"Everything we wanted in the system, iPatientCare has been able to provide. Most importantly, we've been able to do things that are more valuable than managing paper. With iPatientCare, we can effectively monitor areas so that issues that arise can be analyzed electronically rather than written chart by chart."
Frank Sanzone | Brighton Center for Recovery
"I am the president of Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Services in Hickory, North Carolina. I have been using iPatientCare since September, 2010. I have seen the software usability improving and it has become easier to use iPatientCare EHR and PMS with each release."
Sidney L. Myles | MD, Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Services of the Piedmont, PLLC
"I never believed that patients could actually Check-in by themselves at the clinic or on their way to the clinic using their smart phone, before I was introduced to iPatientCare Patient Portal. My patients love to self-check-in as this feature maintains their privacy, reduce their dependency on my front desk staff to update demographics, request refill and much more. I’m impressed!"
Diana Knight | Office Manager, Interventional Pain Management Assoc.
"We have tried the iPhone and iPad app and are excited to use it. The App is user friendly and it will be a great additional tool to use. It helps us to sign lab results, review our daily schedules and obtain a patient phone number with a few simple clicks. We have started offering this app to our patients and even they found it user friendly. This helps us stay connected to our patients and be available at the point of care. We are waiting for some more wonderful features in this mobile App."
Gabriel Yuil | MD, Yuil Medical Center
"We always wanted to provide best possible care to all our patients and at the same time did not wanted to compromise on efficiency and compliance. I then came across Care Coordination and Analytics offered by iPatientCare. This has fulfilled more than we have asked for. Implementation and training was impressive. I am glad to have such wonderful system and highly recommend to have your own one."
C. Verl Woolsey | MSHS, PA-C Cardiac Physician Assistant, Capital Heart Associates, PC
"iPatientCare offered us Quality Improvement Consulting services. At first point we however don't obliged whatever other additional items since the work going easily yet on trial base we took it for 1 year. Just in first quarter of the year we earned incredible advantages by means of right clinical, operational and money related data gave via iPatientCare as under Quality Improvement Consulting services. This shows us to upgrade our assets, abilities and innovation and improve the patient fulfillment."
Muhammed Idrees | MD, Pediatric Associates of Batavia, LLP
"We use iPatientCare for medical billing. They are reliable, the staff is knowledgeable, and they help address the day-to-day bill and receiving issues we all face in practice. The staff is very efficient, responsible and courteous, their attention to detail is good."
K. Ramesh Reddy | Ramesh Reddy, MD
"This easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage application has saved our agency time and money compared to our old video conferencing solution."
Eddie Hanson | Colorado Department of Transportation
"We freaking love this product. We have been able to work together remotely on edit revisions in a way that could revolutionize our business. Having an East coast and West coast production office feels much more doable now. Zoom works."
Tripp Crosby | Green Tricycle Studios
"I can only say 'hats off' - you have cracked a problem that the world's largest tech companies have not been able to sort out during a good 17 years of trying."
Per Roman | GP Bullhound Ltd.